Thursday, December 27, 2007

It was a Very Merry!

We had a nice storm on Christmas Eve, but braved the weather to get to Grandmas house anyway. (Hey... gotta get the new PJ's! TRADITION!)

Grandma had a great spread on for us and we enjoyed watching "A Christmas Story". (The kids now have a better understanding as to why we have a leg lamp next to our Christmas tree...)

Upon arriving *safely* at home, the kids went outside to spread their Magic Reindeer food. We then left Santa a plate of English Toffee (Brian made it of course), and a carrot for each of the reindeer. Tried to get a great shot of the kids in front of the tree, but *someone* wasn't cooperating.

Christmas morning was delightful! Brian made a great breakfast for the extended family, the kids had everything their little hearts could desire gift wise, and *I* managed, somehow, to sneak in an hour nap in the middle of the day. BLISS!

Here! See our festivities for yourself!

Click to play Christmas+2007
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My favorite project this year: Bows and bow holders for my nieces!

Thanks everyone for a fantastic Christmas!


Life ticks on said...

I love the pics... dont you know babies NEVER cooperate haha. They are too cute though.