Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Organ Open House

We sat down last night and tried to figure out just how many years this has been a family tradition. The jury is still out, but last night most likely was our 21st year sharing and celebrating with family and friends.

My Mom spends the evening making rolls and keeping everyone happy in the food department. My Dad stays on the organ all evening, playing sounds of Christmas.

My favorite pictures from last night:

It's so nice to see family and friends that we don't see all year, but magically we see at the Christmas Open House. Christmas can now begin now that we've had it!

The kids went right up to bed when we got home. They were exhausted. Brian took the camera into the boys room and took this shot of Jordan with his Curious George:

Someone get that kid some PJ's! (I'm so glad it's Christmas Eve and new jammie night! ;) )



Anonymous said...

OH SHOOT!! I missed it! I am soooo lame. Well Merry Christmas anyway :)

Becky said...

One of my Favorite Traditions! Thanks so much for inviting us each year! I still can't get over how much Taylor has grown up! Wow, handsome kid!