Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tree

On Saturday, Jordan Madison and Reagan decorated the Christmas tree. (Taylor was busy learning how to play solitaire with Brian... card games trump Christmas decorations I suppose.)

Reagan is fascinated with the tree. She moves the ornaments all around the bottom half of the tree where she can reach. When she's having a "grumpy moment", I need to just flip on the Christmas lights and she gets all excited to start reorganizing everything.

Once upon a time, I wanted my Christmas tree perfect... now with the kiddos around, I could care less that the top looks nice and the bottom is all in an ornament frenzy!

We also went over the church for a Christmas brunch. Santa was there and the boys were excited.

Taylor sat on his lap and asked for gamecube games.

Jordan's turn came and Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas.
Jordan: "Surprise me".
Santa: "I don't know what surprise me is!"
Jordan: giggles
Santa: "BOO! Did that surprise you?"
Jordan: giggles
Santa: "Oh I KNOW what you want for Christmas! *singing* All I want for Christmas is my too front teeth!"
Jordan: giggles

Madison wouldn't smile or talk to Santa until the last second before booting her off his lap. She turns and says "I want littlest pet shop and barbies" and hopped right down.

Reagan didn't scream for a whole 2 seconds, but then it started and she will never sit on Santa's lap again I fear.

They gave all the kids candy canes and a small gift. Taylor got some Lego's, Jordan a coloring book and Madison a doll. Madison opens her gift and says: "HEY! I told him I wanted littlest pet shop, not a dolly!!!"

Anyway, here are some photos of the kids on Santa's lap and decorating the Christmas tree. the first photo is a movie.


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Pamela said...

If I were to take a picture of our tree it would be interesting..lol Our girls have redecorated it several times. I figured Holidays are about being happy and I choose to pick my battles ;-)

Becky said...

Sounds like the Christmas spirit is in the air at the Ball house! Love the TREE! And the Day after Thanksgiving tradition "WINK"

Lena said...

Yay! What fun! Our tree is crazy looking. It's not decorated all the way to the bottom because Joseph would get them and it's only really decorated as far as the kids can reach. Then there's this paper bell chain... The cat has been climbing all over it so it is just looking very sad, lol.