Thursday, December 27, 2007

He's such an fantastic role model

Taylor badly wanted Santa to bring him a Rubik's cube for Christmas. He did - placed it neatly in his stocking, so it was the first thing Taylor "opened".

Said Rubik's cube was mixed up fairly quickly. Taylor handed it over to Brian, who, in a matter of minutes had it all figured out.

I scoffed because I can't figure out a Rubik's cube if it's been turned twice. But I mixed it up and tried anyway.

I failed. The Rubik's cube was a complete mess and Brian took the thing to fix it yet again.

While Taylor and Madison were out playing in the snow, Brian got to work.

I was busy in the kitchen with Reagan and Jordan was thrilled to be over at a friends house.

During one of my trips to check on the outside players, I notice Brian playing with the Rubik's cube... UNDER A TOWEL.

I pulled the towel off his lap to find THIS:

Yes people... that is the Rubik's cube IN PIECES. He takes the dang thing apart and puts it all back together again.

In other words: HE CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he had us all amazed at his wonderful talent of getting the Rubik's cube back into formation!



QueenMeadow said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! I used to pull the stickers off and change them because I wasn't smart enough to take them apart, lol.

Becky said... should be ashamed of yourself!

Heidi said...

Thanks to my friend Craig for pointing out that Brian looks like a blind man in the last photo! He kind of does!!!

Life ticks on said...

ROFL! I have fixed my sons a few times over the past few days too... ROFL I fix it the same way... but in all honesty I do attempt the right way for about an hour before giving over to the fact I cant do it!

Brightonwoman said...

Oh I love it. Sounds like a very effective way to solve things.