Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To the Library and back again

We spent a pretty boring evening driving to 2 different libraries today. Taylor has a book report due the middle of November. He is supposed to read a Novel about traditions or ancestry. I think we found a great book for him

Brian has been brushing up on his graphic design skills for a job he's hoping for, so he picked out some computer design book thing with a disk. We found Taylors book and Brian's book at the 2nd library we hit.

Drove all the way home and the disk for Brian's book was BROKEN IN HALF. (I can tell you at this point that I am SOOO glad *my* kids didn't break it... that could have been just my luck, you know?) So we drove all the way back to the library to return it.

I took photos of the children's boredom in the car for your viewing pleasure.

The beginning of the day was spent taking Madison to dance class, dashing home again in time to get Jordan home from Kindergarten, Taylor going off to cub scouts and Reagan walking around the house. The very messy house, mind you.

Wow. We're just a thrilling bunch today, aren't we?



Kerry said...

Sounds fun ;-)

Hey, do you know if Laura L*** has a new blog? I've noticed that Natural Mothering Utah's domain has expired. I just always liked reading about her :-)

Jeanna said...

You've entered the world of taxi driver! I'm looking forward to that day with great delight.