Thursday, November 08, 2007

"Back and Thorf"

The kids were itching to get outside today - so they went. And they went without their shoes on too.

You see... we have this "problem" at our house regarding shoes. Mainly the problem is we can never find them. All this despite my efforts to have a central location, dedicated just towards shoes.

We have a large "shoe bucket" in the living room. Mostly it's just a place where shoes we don't ever wear hang out. That, and occasionally if someone has lost their keys, you might find them there.

Shoes that are just left in the living room or family room get dumped in the shoe bucket.

Each of the children have a "bin" under their dressers for their shoes only. This usually contains 1 shoe (the other nowhere to be found) and hidden pieces of pizza crust or apple cores that have been there for months. (Evidence that I'm an evil mom and despite the fact that the kids are pretty much welcome to eat when their hungry around here, ESPECIALLY Apples, I never feed them enough. The kids must sneak food up to their rooms and hide the remaining pieces in their shoe bins.)

Jordan couldn't find his shoes before school and so the logical thing to put on was the snow boots. (See... the snow boots haven't been worn since last year, so they are BOTH in the shoe bucket in the living room... easy to find.) He just didn't understand why I wouldn't let him wear them. (Nevermind the fact that there is NO snow on the ground and the high today was just over 60.)

So I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that when I told Madison to go back in the house today and get some shoes on that she showed up in her purple snow boots.

We put Reagan in the little car and Madison started pushing her back on forth... And as she did this, she sang out "back and thorf, back and thorf".

"Forth" I say "fffff like fffffish"

"THorth" says Madison.

"No... FFFForth like FOUR fffff" says I.

"Forth!" says she

"Good Job!" I beam

And she begins again rocking Reagan back and forth in the car saying "Back and Thorf, back and thorf"...

P.S. YES. Reagan IS still in her pj's at 4:00 in the evening. She's been in them all day. No - she is not wearing shoes. In fact, she's not even wearing the pj bottoms. Yes again... that *is* dirt all over her face. I.don' :P


Anonymous said...

ARE THE TURTLES GONE?!?!?! I am packing up the kidlet right now and heading over!

Anonymous said...

I love it! At this very moment Nicole is still in her pajamas too(With the addition of a pair of leggings, so she could ride in the car). I might also mention that she has not brushed her hair, or eaten anything of substance.

Go Supermom!!