Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"The Good Earth"

Tonight I hosted book club. We read "The Good Earth" by Pear S. Buck.

Brian was a sweetheart and TOTALLY helped tidy up the house PLUS he made all the "goodies" for us to munch on. (He missed his "calling" as a Baker! ;) )

No joke, we had these YUMMY treats called "Naked Ladies with their Legs Crossed". Serious. Sort of donut-ish.

Then he made some really great pumpkin nut bread.

And then Wassail to drink.

And holy cow! He made homemade turtles and we just realized we forgot to put them out!!! Anyone want to head over for some? :)

He's such a great guy! I mean... how many men would be totally willing to make goodies for ladies book club?

smooches to my hunny! ;)


Kerry said...

Oh, I loved that book! I remember reading it when I was in middle school. I need to read it again soon. Wow! You are lucky to have Brian--Scott would never do that!!!

QueenMeadow said...

Awesome! Maybe he should become a caterer ;).

and why haven't you guys moved up here closer to me yet? hehe.