Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween! Busy, but great!

Brian dressed up as a Monk. That's about all I'm going to say about it, you'll just have to let the photos do the talking...

Taylor dressed as a "Knight", and Jordan a "Dragon". They later decided that Taylor could be a "Dragon Slayer"... I'm not sure which one he ended up being at the end of the night.

The boys had a Halloween parade at school. I took photos, but they just didn't turn out. It's fine though, because Jordan didn't even realize that I was AT the school for the parade. He saw "Auntie Stacie and Lauryn", but not his Mum. Next year, Stacie can just go since it seems I'm not missed. *winks*

Madison dressed up for a preschool party as Mulan. Reagan was DRESSED as an Angel, but her personality did not sway that way. In fact, you wouldn't know that she was an angel because I couldn't get a picture of her with her entire costume on while she was awake. She would NOT wear the halo, and pulled at the wings until they broke off. Managed to get a picture of her sleeping in the costume - and in the photo she LOOKS like an angel. (Looks are deceiving people!!)

Anyway, a busy day and lots of candy later! Take a look at the photo slide show for pictures!

Halloween 2007
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Becky said...

Oh Brian...but nothing will beat the Umpa-Lumpa!!!
Such cute kids you have! I love the belly with wings pictures best!

Stacie said...

Those turned out cute!! The parade is going to have to be an annual tradition.. even when Lauryn goes to that school!! =)

QueenMeadow said...

Very cute costumes and kids ;). But the monk, hilair!

Anonymous said...

Again, I must say my nieces and nephews are the BEST in the WORLD!!! No, That was ADORABLE!

Brian looked pretty good too!!!!

Lena said...

So did you go as a mom? I can't believe how different Madison looks with straight black hair! They all look great. Married to the monk...