Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

The house is filled with yummy scents this evening - preparations underway for a fun Thanksgiving feast tomorrow afternoon!

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I decided to sit down with each of the children and ask them what they were thankful for.

We start with Madison!

Madison? What are you Thankful for?

Reagan letting me play with her.
Miss Terri, Miss Karen and Miss Lisa
Lauryn and Carrice to play dress up
My dance costume
Helping Dad upstairs in my closet (we enter through her closet to our new upstairs master bedroom that's being finished... I thought this deserved some explanation!)
Helping Mom change Reagans diapers
Reagan learning how to walk
Playing on the computer

Jordan? What are you thankful for?

Every Week
Our bodies
For being Thankful
Helping Dad
Heavenly Father
My sisters and my brother
Playing with Reagan
for us to learn
for us to be smart
Being Healthy
Being like Jesus one day

Taylor? What are you Thankful for?

Animals because they provide food.
All Holidays
Every Day
Our Family
Cub Scouts
Heavenly Father
Fire - it's very important to us - it heats up food and can melt metal
The world
Trees and plants - our environment - some plants produce food.
Cloth - because it makes it so we can wear stuff and be comfortable.
Clothes like shoes and underwear
Shelter and our house
The Pilgrims and the Indians
Museums because they are a good way to learn
Chairs - because it's nice to sit down
Rocks - They make arrowheads out of rocks and that's cool
Exercise and playing because you can have fun and exercise at the same time
Instruments - they make you not bored.

I'll take liberty at writing a few thing that I'm sure Reagan is Thankful for:

Mom (I'm confident of this one, because it's about the only thing she yells all day long...)
Dad (He's a fun guy to hang around!)
Taylor, Jordan and Madison (Because when they're gone, it's BORING around here...)
Comfy spot to sleep between Mom and Dad every night!
Forward facing car seat!
Baby Einstein videos! (Put this one down on Mom's thankful list too!!!)
Mom's arms and hip
Being outside
Her Dolly stroller
Two quick 15 minute cat naps each day
Enough hair for two tiny little pigtails

I'm thankful for everything on these lists, but more so, I'm thankful for the precious kids that MADE the lists. My life would be so dull without them! Most of all, I'm thankful this Thanksgiving season for Brian. I'm so terribly lucky to have such a hardworking, thoughtful, POSITIVE and understanding companion! He deserves every good thing in this world plus a little more!

Happy Thanksgiving from our "thankful" little family to yours!


Becky said...

two 15 minute cat naps...sheesh that's brutal!
Hope Turkey day was great!

Becky said...

I know I already commented but I just zoomed in on that picture...It's adorable! christmas card worthy!
That's all!