Friday, December 19, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas at Madison's Preschool!

Madison was excited to wear "Christmas Pajamas" to school yesterday. They were having their "night before Christmas" party, complete with pj's and hot chocolate. So, we made some special Christmas pajamas for her to wear:

And we decided that she needed a warm, festive Christmas robe as well!:

They had a little performance that parents were invited to. I told Brian about it, but since it was before he got off work we weren't expecting him. She was ready to sing and so patient sitting with her class waiting for all the parents to arrive:

When she saw her dad, her face was PRICELESS! (And I'll be sure to add the photos as soon as blogger stops having a brat attack!!!)

She sang the songs so cute and had so much fun.

This is Madison with her "BFF" Bailey. She says that she and Bailey will be best friends forever and ever and ever. Awww...

Madison wishes Ms. Janice a Merry Christmas

And then wishes Ms. Lori the same. Lori will be attending the Sugar Bowl as her son plays for the U of U. (GO UTES!!!!) I love that she wears something with a "U" on it every Thursday and that the Christmas party was no exception.

One short, cute little song that the kids sang for the program. :)


Jeanna said...

Love the robe - you are sew good!

tiburon said...

That is awesome! You have some wicked good sewing skillz.

Ms Lori is pretty awesome too - with her Utes sweatshirt!