Friday, December 05, 2008

Ornament swap!

Kelly sent me this LOVELY Christmas Ornament as part of Tib's Ornament swap!

I just LOVE it!

She sent me a darling little note too that I'd love to scan in, but the scanner is currently not cooperating. So here's the text:

"from the land of 10,000 Lakes":


Here fishy fishy fishy...

Merry Christmas Heidi!
I hope your family will enjoy this little trinket on your tree! I selected him because he seems to be enjoying one of our favorite summer activities here in MN - Fishing! i hope you all have a blessed holiday season!

Well Kelly, we WILL enjoy our fishy little Santa on our tree! He's fabulous! Thanks so much! :)


K and/or K said...

Oh I am so happy that Mr. Fisherman Claus made it to you in one piece and that you like it! I sure thought he was a cutie too.
It was fun to pick him out for you--enjoy!

Melissa said...

Had to come check you out from Tib's post and see the cute ornament. Nicely done! Nothing like a fishin Santa!

tiburon said...

That is so cute! Thanks for posting it :)