Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December Birthday's STINK!!!

It's this boys birthday tomorrow:

Having a birthday in December stinks.

I have tried SO HARD to not put Christmas before his birthday. We haven't done any decorating (partly because I've just been too busy... but using his birthday as an excuse for not having it done makes me feel better.)

Shopping is double hard because I have Christmas for 4 children AND a December birthday. For some reason, I totally feel the need to go the extra present mile for Jordan, simply because he's so close to Christmas. I always felt SO BAD for my friend Catherine who was born the day after Christmas. I'm totally guilty of being one of "those friends" who would give her a gift and say "Merry Christmas AND Happy Birthday!". Ugh.

There will be no Christmas paper tomorrow. It's BIRTHDAY paper only.

Still, I've had a million and a half things going on this week. Monday was a dance performance for Madison, and I also took dinner in to a friend. *(((hugs))) dear friend of mine - my whole family is praying for you and that sweet little boy.*

Brian and I are teaching a candy making class on Thursday which has seemed to occupy a lot of our time. My in-laws have their Open House this weekend and I have food to prepare. Madison has ANOTHER dance performance on Saturday. Along with dance CLASS on Thursday.

I don't mind doing ANY of this stuff - it just seems that so much of my time is divided and I never get to spend as much time preparing Jordan's birthday's as I do my other kids.

I hope he grows up knowing how loved he is and how much he means to us, despite not being able to give him 100% of our attention around his special day.

We love you Jordan, and hope you're thrown together birthday party turns out even better than I'm anticipating!!!


p.s. just realized I don't have a class treat for him to take tomorrow. Good golly add that to the list of tonight's adventures!!!

p.p.s. just had more neighbors drop off "neighbor gifts" and I haven't even given thought what I should do. Any suggestions would be oh so very welcome!


bow mom said...

Hey how about an Unbirthday party for Jordan in June on the date of his b day. We had an unbirthday party this year just because and it was a lot of fun but, then again I'm crazy that way.

Emily said...

I'm sure you will pull it off fine! I can feel your love for him thru this, so I'm sure he does too. I also have a birthday in December and it's not so great.... but you sound like you are making it oh so special!

Aaron said...

He will grow up sad, depressed, underloved and unappreciated. He will always have that "swept under the Christmas rug" feeling when it comes to his birthday, you will fail as a parent.


I have a Dec birthday and it was fine. My parents didn't put up Christmas until after my birthday to "show you how much we love you and put you first." It wasn't until later years that I found that they were just using it as an excuse to not do anything about Christmas as long as they could.

I myself put up Christmas around Thanksgiving....but that is because I hate Thanksgiving...but that is another story.....


Cara and Gerriss said...

It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. Don't worry he will appreciate all the hard work you have done later in life.

And about the Christmas gifts for neighbors, I have really cheesy ideas, but I am sure that you are way more creative than me and will come up with something better than rice crispies, or snowman seeds, or blah blah blah. You always have wonderful ideas! So what I am saying is I expect a post on what you choose to do for gifts so that I can get some ideas as well! :)