Monday, December 15, 2008

Madison's Dance Performance(s)

Madison could hardly WAIT for the dance performance on December 8th at Trolley Square. All day long she kept on asking "how much longer". It is just so fun to see her so excited about performing!

All dressed and ready to go!

The girls all in line waiting to go on stage. They were all SO HYPER... that was good because they really let their personalities shine during their dance!

Madison walking past us to get in her place.

Ready for the "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" dance!

Dancing with Hippos

Sitting in Sana's Sleigh after the Trolley Square performance.

THEN we had a second performance this past Saturday. Of course there was a massive snowstorm that morning and while the roads were okay on the way there, the way back was a different story.

Madison was just as excited for this performance as she was for the first one.

It was terribly cute and the whole audience went "awww" as the girls looked surprised and pulled their hippos out of the big Christmas boxes.

My niece Lauryn and her Hippo. (We're so proud! She even danced this year!!! *winks*)

Madison and Lauryn after the performance. They were so excited to take their hippos home.

Madison's hippo is a permanent fixture on her now. She sleeps with the hippo. She ate breakfast with the hippo. The hippo even gets it's own bed in front of the Christmas tree during the day.

Way to go girls on your great dancing! Maybe we can get Stacie to load a video of the dance so we can link!


Natalie said...

DARLING!!! I can't wait until Olivia is old enough to be in dance classes. =)

Also, thanks for organizing dinners for me!!! It's so nice for you to do that, and I'm so thankful for Syd and Brooke taking the time to cook for me.

Erin Taylor said...

Awwwwe.... I wish I had a cute little girly girl like Madison! I bet she was just darling!

Jeanna said...

Those costumes are totally cute. What a fun thing to watch.

Kellie Anne said...

Dang she's adorable! And I'm not just saying that because she's my niece!!

Kerry said...

How cute! Her dance looks like it was adorable!!!

tiburon said...

Do they make those dresses in my size?!? I think I need one!

What a cutie!!