Friday, December 05, 2008

Taylor Goes Skiing!

Taylor went skiing with the 4th grade today. He was so excited!

I have a feeling he's really going to enjoy this, and it's going to turn into a VERY expensive activity. Brian won't complain - he's been itching for an excuse to get back up in the powder. *winks*

Ready to go! Hannah, Taylor and Spencer this morning after being dropped off at school!

Can't WAIT for him to get home so I can find out how it was!


Erin Taylor said...

There's free night skiing at Alta, or Solitude, or something, on Wednesday nights, from about 3 pm on, I believe. Merritt took Eason last year and they had a blast. He had to rent skis for Eason, but this year we will try to find some used ones for him. It's a cheaper option.