Monday, April 14, 2008


Reagan is making a great transition from "baby" to "2 year old".

Yes, I know she won't be 2 until October, but the last couple of weeks have been filled with temper tantrums and brat attacks.

Yesterday she was MAD and tired. She was hitting and scratching me and so I put her in "baby time out". (Basically I just didn't want to hold her while she was having an attitude.)

She was SCREAMING. (No passing out though!) And it was FUNNY. I caught the tail end of it on video. She's so tired she has to take a break to yawn in the middle.

It would have been nice to get the whole thing to see ALL the drama, but the end of the brat attack is great as well.

She fell asleep about 2 minutes afterward.

In other exciting Reagan news, she stayed with a neighbor of mine while I took Taylor and Jordan to the Dr. on Friday. It was her choice to stay even. I asked her if she wanted to go to the Dr. Her Reply was "NOOOOOO!!!" So I said "you can stay here with Lucy and Madison". She was hesitant, but it was a better option then the dr's! Apparently she did great too! (Church nursery is another story... maybe I need to ask her if she wants to go to the Dr on Sunday's)


Brad Ball said...

Classic video... loved it.

Lena said...

lol- love the yawn!

frugalmom said...

My 2yo fell asleep too, on the floor yesterday after throwing a tantrum. Good time....good times :D