Friday, April 18, 2008

Bear for the evening

Each of the kindergarten students get to take home a stuffed "bear" for one night. Then, they are supposed to write what the did with the bear and take it back the next day.

The kids are able to share with the class what "exciting" thing the bear got to do with them.

Brian called "grandpa" and they took Jordan and the bear on the backhoe.

(Pictures bad due to the fact that I can't find the camera anywhere... Brian had to take them with his phone... ugh!)

Jordan had me write this for what he did with the bear:

"I took the bear on the tractor with grandpa. It almost tipped over! It was SUPER FUN!"

Then we sent him with the photos to show the class.

Jordan took great care of the bear all day yesterday. He really didn't let it leave his side. He ate dinner with it, watched tv with it... just took great care. Brian said that as they were driving home from the backhoe Jordan said "Mrs. Lyons said if I take really good care of the bear something special will happen!"

I'm excited to find out when he gets home exactly what that is!!! ;)