Friday, April 11, 2008


Poor Jordan!

He took a nice spill off a slide onto concrete at our place yesterday. Ended up with a concussion!

This is an hour after the accident:

He slept for several hours before he woke up. He was pretty disoriented.

It was at about 8:00 that he started throwing up, and we were out the door to the hospital.

After talking to a nurse, we ended up bringing him home and watching him all night. We would wake him up every two hours to ask him questions, and make sure his condition wasn't worse.

This is what he looked like this afternoon, after another dr. visit:

He's doing a lot better, but he's confused about what day it is.

His head is hurting and he's dizzy, but I can't give him any pain meds that might "mask" the symptoms of the concussion.

Poor little thing!!!


Lena said...

Ouch! Poor Jordan.

Jeanna said...

How awful! Hope he starts feeling better soon.

Aaron said...

That kids is destined for doom....sounds like his uncle! HA! Of course of all the things that happened between Eric and I, I think I got the bum end of every deal...

Eric & Cindy said...

Dang! I have seen a commercial where a guy's world is wrapped in bubble wrap. Maybe you could wrap Jordan in bubble wrap. :)

Yes...I agree...Aaron did get the bum end of every deal. Except for 1 thing...he got to drive a porsche and a cougar convertable while I got to share a Chevy Citation with Brian.

Brandi said...

Poor little guy! I'm glad he's alright. (((())))