Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Thanks to our neighbor (who by the way runs Yoshi's which is yummy, yummy and you should try it out...) Brian and I can now make Sushi!

This was our dinner tonight, and Brian's lunch for tomorrow. (Tuna/avocado rolls with spicy mayo :drool: )

We made some chicken/avocado/cream cheese ones last week that were yummy too, but really? Nothing beats raw tuna!


Becky, yep said...

Oh, I am so drooling! I LOVE tuna!
Where do you find sushi grade?

Heidi said...

The owner of Yoshi's (since we know him) sells us his. ;)

Kerry said...

YUMMY!! I love sushi.

I just read your comments over on Brandi's blog. It reminded me that I still want to learn how to make your little clips. Nora really needs them, since she is still bald from her hair pulling ;-) I know you have TONS of spare time, so I was wondering when you are going to do your online tutorial ;-)

Erin Evans Taylor said...

Tuna is my favorite!!!! I bought a "how to" book about sushi, but have never used it. You've inspired me. Do your kids eat it? Eason loves it! I'm surprised Brian will eat it! :)