Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Calm before the Storm

Last week was "crazy busy"... this week is back to "normal busy".

But it leaves me wondering what's going to hit next.

Am I the only one that ever feels this way?

The house is in pretty good condition right now. Meaning, if anyone stopped by unannounced, I wouldn't be having a panic attack at the front door or hiding in my bedroom so they would think nobody is home.

The kids are getting along great.

Reagan has been taking a nice afternoon nap for the past few days...

Things are going good! Maybe a bit TOO good! When this happens, I start worrying about what is going to hit next! I'm sad to think that I actually AM a "glass half empty" sort of gal!


Erin Evans Taylor said...

I never think to take a picture when things are actually clean! My house was clean for about 5 minutes yesterday. Now it's all covered in thread and fabric bits again. *sigh*

Becky, yep said...

Don't Jinx it!!!
I love those moments! I guess I'm a half empty person, too because I usually recognize those moments when I'm in the next bad one!
Good luck