Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rules for a Soccer Mom

If you want to be a great "soccer mom", you need only follow ONE simple rule. And that is:

To actually TAKE your kid to soccer practice!

Jordan's first soccer practice since Fall was last night, and I FAILED to take him!

So sorry buddy!


Andrea Nalene Rasmussen said...

Ohh sad. Jordan is the cutest little boy and I loved being his priamary teacher. Seriously, if you ever need me to, and I'm able, I'd taxi him somewhere for you.

Thanks for the comment. Another good point. Proof and alibis incase the kids throw the "you never loved me" card at you one day!!

Brandi said...

I space things off occasionally too. I'm sure you won't forget the next one though. :D

Catey said...

lol! C'mon soccer can do it! ; )

p.s.: Happy Anniversary!