Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Discoveries

I have realized after this weekend that I don't have near enough of these:


The "flu bug" hit our home and has decided to give it another round it appears. Reagan is on her 2nd go around now, and I'm STILL trying to catch up from "Halloween Puke Madness".

After I have some fun with this:

AND this:

I'm going to dive into my fabric scraps and make some EMERGENCY QUILTS so we don't freeze our patooties off when the you-know-what hits our bed. (Always MY side of the bed too... what gives?)


Char said...

UGH! That sounds awful!

Catey said...

Blech. Ours started last night-I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't make it through everyone here. Is yours going through the whole house?
Hope everyone is feeling better soon and that YOU don't get it!

Becky, yep said...

Watch out Washer...Here comes Heidi!

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Yikes. What a great idea to make more blankets, so I hope you're feeling okay for a while.... don't go sewin' yourself together!