Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween Goodness

The School Parade was a whirlwind. Like... there was no chance to get photos of the boys walking through because the pace was just too fast! All the parents wanted to see costumes and were yelling to the teachers: "SLOW DOWN!!!" the entire time.

But a bit of Halloween Goodness comes at the tail end of the parade when Taylor's class comes in. Taylor had gone in that morning and told his teacher that his sister was really part of his costume and could she please walk in the parade with him.

So when Taylor came walking in, he ran up to Madison, grabbed her:

and took her in line with him.

All the parents sitting behind me were saying "Oh my gosh! Look how SWEET! He just came and took his little sister with him! And he's HOLDING HER HAND!!!"

Madison LOVED it. A few of Taylors friends said to him "hey, nice lady you're with" and she thought that was AWESOME. This morning even she said: "Taylor taking me in his parade was just WONDERFUL, don't you think? Just WONDERFUL".

To get just a little mushy for a second... I am so *beyond* grateful that the relationships my children have with each other are POSITIVE. They love each other SO MUCH. Truly. They love to spend time with each other and I'm so proud of them for having such loving feelings towards members of their family. Taylor and Jordan wait for each other after school. As I go and pick them up, I see other children running away from their younger siblings... telling them to "leave them alone" and "go by yourself". My kids never leave each other. They protect each other and honestly consider each others feelings. (Not saying it's always perfect, but for the HUGE majority of the time, they are so kind to one another.)

I sat in that fast paced auditorium, shed a few tears, and was so THANKFUL that Taylor would have such a big heart to include is "little sister" in HIS Halloween parade.

I love them. I LOVE THEM!!! And their actions are sweeter than any candy they came home with Halloween night!


Becky, yep said...

so Sweet your kids are...it's because of how YOU treat THEM!
You are amazing and so are they!

Char said...

So sweet! (Especially in light of my most recent post. ROFL!)

Lena said...

Aw- that is SO sweet!!! Robert doesn't even like to sit by Kaela during family prayer. I hope he grows out of it, lol.