Monday, January 28, 2008

What's on your Cranium?

A couple of years ago, we bought the kids "cranium giggle gear" for Christmas. Silly little masks you can change with weird eyes, nose and mouth. It even has a voice changer. The kids love them - although the batteries die way to quickly.

We added the "crazy cap" to our collection this year.

Sometimes Madison doesn't put all the fun eyes and stuff on hers. She puts them on like goggles and pretends that she's swimming.

Reagan would be content to walk around with her alien gear on most all day.

And Taylor? Well, he likes to be the wizard of the family, dressed in the cranium wizard gear.

Do I sound like a commercial?

We LOVE anything Cranium. Game nights are so much fun with the clever games they have.

On another note: I should be getting my new vacuum in the mail tomorrow! The kids are tired of picking up all the little pieces of "stuff" in the carpet! Ours broke SEVERAL WEEKS AGO, and it was a pain staking process trying to decide what new one I wanted. Hooray for Amazon and their cheap prices because I'm getting a vacuum that I can't afford regularly!

I'll be vacuuming like a mad woman tomorrow... and I'm so excited! (Something is so wrong with that statement!)


Anonymous said...

Nicole actually has an Ariel Snorkeling kit ( it is totally worthless for swimming..) and she loves to wear it and her matching flippers and snorkel around the house. We have Cranium Cadoo and it is super fun. Love the alien gear.

Lena said...

I am a Cranium fan too but I have never seen those! I'm totally going to look now.

Debbie said...

Cute games. Cuter kids!