Monday, January 07, 2008

This is how much she likes her new bed:

So. Reagan has never been a good sleeper.

The ONLY time she has slept through the night was when she was like 4 days old. Then, she decided to loose a bunch of weight and I had to start waking her up to feed her every 2 hours. She got into a bad habit... and at now 15 months old, she still wakes up between 4-7 times at night.

I've been getting a little grouchy. I really can't get everything I need done on only 4 scattered hours of sleep at night. So... we decided that the best thing to do would be to get her into her own bed and not so dependant on nursing, and on me.

She does pretty well with Brian in the room with her. (And I'm not complaining about having the king size bed all to myself! ;) ) She's doing better each night.

I've started putting her up in her bed for nap time. She doesn't like waking up with nobody beside her.

In order to get her a bed, we had to switch the boys and girls rooms. The boys have bunk beds, so they would fit in the smaller girl room. Two twin size beds would just not fit in Madison's little room.

The boys are *okay* being in a yellow and purple room. They made me take down the flowers and butterflies, and can live with the purple until our Master Bedroom is complete and we switch rooms around yet again. Madison still thinks it's weird that she's sleeping in "the boys room". She doesn't get that it's HER room now... but I'm not worried about correcting her since she'll be moving rooms yet again when the master is done. ;)

And hey... here's a picture of Madison for you all:

This is what she wears when I vacuum. It's too noisy for her. So instead of tears and hiding in the corner of her room, she opts for the "muffs". Time for a new, quiet vacuum....


Becky, yep said...

LOVE that first picture of Reagan!She's a cute little stinker!
Good luck, When you figure it out call me and I'll use it with Tally!

Jeanna said...

Reagan have the best faces. Gotta love it when they pout and cry and throw their little tantrums. Hope she learns to love her new bed soon. And Madison's earmuffs are great. Jackson runs away from the vaccum because it's "loud" but Andrew loves it.