Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sun Prints

Fun Project found here (scroll down to the "sun prints" part.)

This was our fun activity for the day - all the kids had a blast! They turned out so fun!

I've been getting a lot of ideas from The Crafty Crow. FANTASTIC little website!

A week ago, we tried a new hair-do on Madison called "Messy Piggies". She LOVED it. (You can find what it looks like HERE. ) This morning, after her bath, she wanted "Messy Piggies" again, but this time, she wanted LOTS of them, not just the normal "four". So we did them all over her head. She looks different with "short" hair!

The photos were taken while they were a little wet still - As they dried out, they became more "fluffy". They were a little time consuming, and I hope she doesn't ask for them ALL the time... ;)

My nephew is staying with us for a couple of weeks. We're having a grand time! He's been a delight! I started a little blog for him so that his parents can take a look at what we've been up to. If you feel like it, check it out! :)


Erin Evans Taylor said...

What a great idea! We're going to do that today! (the sun prints, not the messy piggies! Eason's hair is too short!)

Mel said...

The sun prints look great. What a fun idea. I love the hair. So adorable!

Jori said...

Love the sun prints. Kaitlin would love that. Also wish I was good at doing hair. I am always jealous of these cute hair do's.

Jeanna said...

Madison's hair looks adorable! And I love the sun prints idea. Thanks for sharing.