Thursday, September 13, 2007

Madison started Preschool!

I think she's been waiting a year for this day. When Jordan was in preschool, she asked when she could start going. I told her that she couldn't go until she started going on the potty... so she trained herself that week. I had to keep my promise and send her as soon as preschool started!

This child is terribly confident. She wasn't shy the first day at all. She sat down at a table for snack next to another little girl. Madison turns to her and says "Hi! What's your name?" The little girl stares at her for a minute and terrified replies "Ashlie". Madison sits there for a minute and finally says "Well HI Ashlie! Did you know that my name is Madison?"

The first day was an open house for parents to stay. Brian and I were both there and I honestly think she would have liked it better if we both had left. She was terribly busy and there was a lot to do in a short amount of time.

She did start crying while we were there. Oh, it was when we were LEAVING. She was crying and saying "But Mom! Preschool isn't long enough!"

It's going to be a long year since she only goes twice a week. *winks*
Her teacher is Miss Karen. I know Karen from Jordan's preschool - her daughter was in Jordan's class, so we co-oped together a few times. She's very creative and just sweet as can be.

Madison also started dance this week. I don't have any photos because Brian seems to always have the camera. Maybe next week. She LOVES it. She was a really good listener and followed her teacher pretty well. (Until she had to keep watching herself in the mirrors...) She's excited to be going to dance with Lauryn, and I think it will be great for them to see each other at least once a week. :)