Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jordan's First Day of Kindergarten!

The day finally arrived!

It was terrible for Jordan to watch Taylor leave for school every day for a week before he could start kindergarten.

There are 2 other little boys from our neighborhood that he is in class and rides the bus home with. The bus is the most exciting part of Kindergarten for him.

His teacher is so fun. We totally lucked out getting Mrs. Lyons, she's just great! She has a very large classroom right now, but it looks like they're going to add another class so the class size won't be 29. (EEKS! That's a bunch of 5 yr olds!!!) Out of those kids, 18 of them are BOYS. Props to Mrs. Lyons and her sanity!

Yippee for Kindergarten! I'm so glad Jordan is loving it!