Sunday, December 03, 2006

"The List"

Decorate Christmas Tree (yes... it's been sitting in the living room for almost a week without even the lights on it. SAD.)
Pictures for our Christmas Card
oh, the actually Christmas Card
Plan Jordan's Birthday Party (we've narrowed it down to a time, now for all the little *details*)
Put together a "Wise Man" costume for Taylor for church Christmas Party
Plan and make food for Inlaws Christmas Open House
Figure out decorations for Parents Christmas tree since they probably won't decorate it until the night before THEIR open house... (I get the frantic *help* call the Saturday before... :P)
Find something to wear for Brian's work Christmas Party.
Help out with Parents Open House
Christmas Shopping.
Try my darndest to help the kids realize the REAL meaning of Christmas instead of letting them see their mom run around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done.

Things scratched off the list:
Homemade Christmas decorations
Lights on the outside of the house (unless Brian is willing to take on the challenge)
Sewing Christmas stockings and tree skirt (It's the ugly $1 stockings for us this year again...)
Neighbor gifts (unless I'm brave this year and give "air freshner" with a note that says "Hope Your Holiday's don't STINK"...)
Even the slightest possiblility that the house will look decent over the holidays.