Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jordan's Birthday

So, Jordan decided that he wanted a FIREMAN party instead of Curious George at the last minute. Brian says to me "that'll be easy! We'll just take them to the fire station!"

So that's what happened. :) The kids had a BLAST.

Brian took pictures of all of them "driving" the firetruck. Then, he created a picture of each kid that we sent off in the "thank you" notes... Here's an example of what we sent:

I thought it turned out cute. And most importantly, Jordan had a great time. ;)

P.S. My Christmas tree STILL isn't decorated. I feel like such a looser. Oh, and Reagan gained weight yet again! She's up to 9 lbs 3 oz! She gained an ounce a day this past week. We must finally be doing something right!!! (whew!)


QueenMeadow said...

That sounds like the best party ever!! I may have to steal your idea for Ian's birthday next year ;)

frugalmom said...

That was a great party idea! Looks like fun.