Friday, August 21, 2009

Down in the Garden

I honestly meant to post photos of the garden as it progressed this year. Now it's the end of August, I'll only get to remember what it became instead of what it once was. :)

Looking into the first raised bed (which honestly, isn't very "raised"... we put the beds in before we laid the sod, so they're more of a sunken/raised bed...) you'll see the "herb" garden - dill plant (oh wait... that died...) Cilantro (oh wait... that died too....) spinach (oh wait... no spinach left....) lettuce, radishes, basil, more basil, lots more basil, parsley, oregano and two different types of cherry tomatoes. (Sweet 100's and Sunsugar).

Along the fence we have Brussels sprouts, brocc-a-flower, cauliflower, green beans that were not green beans at all, just a growing vine (grrrrrr....) and then some onions and chives. In the distance, behind the pool, is the empty chicken coop that is now being used as the compost pile. (Bring back my chickens!!!!!)

Flower Garden (Obviously) and our blue irrigation hose that is running to the front yard.

Taylor stood by my tomato plant to show how tall they are. If I look out my kitchen window, I see just the tops of tomato plants and it makes me happy.

The big, mama basil plant that is YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!

Looking over into the tomato garden.

Pepper plants, a few beets, and a cucumber that finally started to produce.

A shot of the whole backyard. I'm going to miss it back here when it snows.

Reagan playing in the irrigation water. I don't mind... I used to do it as a kid too.

Front yard banana squash.

See? There's one hiding in there!

And it wouldn't be a garden without a zucchini plant, right? Love that it's growing in the very front flower bed.

I'd call the garden this year a success. I'm excited for next year as I'll be armed with this years knowledge of what to do and what NOT to do!