Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camping in the Backyard

This weekend, we were planning on attending our Ward Camp-Out. The kids were excited! Plans totally fell through as we ended up taking Brian back to the eye doctor on Friday morning. We felt it was best to stay behind. So in order to compromise with the kids, we set up the tent in the backyard!

Of course, we needed to eat... so out came the dutch oven!

And plenty of drinks we don't normally have.

Camping out just wouldn't be the same without S'mores....

Our little "campfire"

Had to put this photo up because the girls look PLASTERED. See what happens when you even give them Root-BEER????

At about 10:45 PM, we ended up back in the house. The kids would just NOT SETTLE DOWN. It's one thing to chat and not sleep when you're actually camping, but when your tent is set up next to the neighbors fence, you end up having to play by the rules.

We are totally going to do more back yard camp outs in the future... The kids loved it!