Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hero Status

Taylor had a school assignment where he was supposed to write about his "hero". He sat down last night to get it done (since it's due today) and was trying to figure out who he should write about.

Brian and I were giving him some suggestions. Since he is not thrilled with having a writing assignment every week, these projects have become quite the challenge. He's burned out on writing, and in an effort to make things a little more fun, Brian started suggesting "strange" people to write about.

Like "John Crapper" who came up with the idea for flushing toilets. I mean, really... aren't we ALL grateful for John Crapper? He could definitely be considered a "hero". We were even saying things like "Even as I write this paper I'm thankful for John Crapper". It was great fun.

Taylor started writing and Brian asked whom he had chosen to give his "hero status" to. Taylor replied that he was writing about "Mom".

My heart burst! How wonderful that I raised my kid well enough to give me such recognition! The sweet, sweet child. At this point I am feeling honored to be his Mother!

A few minutes later as I'm downstairs taking care of some laundry (and folding Taylors neatly in his basket so he doesn't need to do it later,) he comes down and says the following:

"I've decided to do my hero report on Walt Disney. He's easier to find on Google than you."

He walks upstairs, I unfold all his clothes, and this morning I type up his paper on Walt Disney as I watch my Hero status go down the "crapper". (At least I lost out to Walt not John at this point. Got to think positive.)

Who's your hero?


Lena said...

Oh ouch! Next time, point him to the blog for his research. I agree though, much better to lose out to Disney.

Emily said...

Oh that is so sad.... yet so funny! Writing reports weekly would kill me let alone April! At least you know that you were his first pick... just not easily found on google!

Aaron said...

Sorry....I thought that was funny. I actually teared up when you wrote that he had chosen you...then burst out in all out laughter about the Google comment.

Maybe he should be happy that we can't find you on buried those indecressions well.


Erin Taylor said...

Uh oh..... not google-able, huh? That really hurts! At least you know you were his first choice!

Char said...

Oh my gosh that is hilarious! Be glad there wasn't much about you on Google.


Heather said...


MuseMom said...

OK, that is seriously the funniest story you have written on here. I love that you unfolded his clothes! ;)

tiburon said...

Oh that is a riot - and yet stings a little at the same time ;)