Monday, March 09, 2009

The great shoe hunt.

Every day.

Every day we go on "the great shoe hunt" before school for Madison.

These are the shoes we came up with today.

Why is there never a sinkin' match?!?!? And why can't she put her shoes in her own personal shoe bucket after she takes them off every day?

We ended up finding some "hello kitty" shoes for preschool today and I swear I'm going to staple them to her feet!!!

P.S. All these shoes are the same size. However, the two on the end, made by the SAME company? One says it's a size 9, the other size 11. This does not make sense. I can see from brand to brand there being a slight difference in sizes, but for the same BRAND of shoe being so off? What the heck???


bow mom said...

We have these at our house too. Only It's Hunter. and yes, it's always the same foot that is lost! UGH