Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wow. I stink at blogging this year.


Has it really been that long since I blogged? Wow.

I know you've all been waiting for another entry... that is evident by the hundreds of emails I've received wanting me to grace you with my presence. Those are all really nice by the way.

I shall try and highlight all that has happened in the past few weeks, just so we're up to speed.

* Reagan went a full 4 weeks without passing out. She broke that fantastic streak last night however, and we shall begin the count once again. Maybe she can go for 8 weeks this time. Heck, I'd rather it just end forever.

* Had a way ultra fun cooking class at my house on Crepe making. mmmm... crepes....

* Taylor had a blast building a car for the pinewood derby. Fantastic, fun, sweet neighbors brought over the movie "Down and Derby" the day before the race to "pump us up". WAY cute movie for the cub scout age... my boys laughed their pants off. If anyone wants to borrow it I might let you. It was nice to watch a real family film and not worry about "content".

*I was a slacker mom and ran out the door to the pinewood derby without the camera. I have no pictures of Taylor nor his car.

*The house has been spotless and filthy again about 15 times over.

*Jordan has only missed ONE WORD on a spelling test this entire school year.

*Taylor is sick of writing and getting a C- in that portion of his reading grade. Frankly, I'm sick of him writing too, and I don't give a flying flip that he's getting that grade. He loves to read and constantly has his nose in a book. He would do fine if he didn't have a writing assignment every week that required "webbing" out a story, writing one, having an adult "proof" it, and then re-writing a final copy. EVERY WEEK. He's getting an A in math and 2 B-'s in his "reading" classes. Honestly? I think maybe it's a teacher issue and I wrote a note today saying:
"If Taylor is doing so terrible in reading (which is pretty evident from the grade he's been given), then why has he not been moved to a lower reading class?"

Looking forward to a response back. Most likely by email since these teachers seem to fear calling me on the telephone.

*Madison has become even more of a picky eater. Which is surprising because I thought we couldn't get much worse. Soup last night could not be eaten because she saw a piece of celery.

*I've been on the computer a lot, just not blogging because I'm making preparations for our Disney World trip. In May. And it must be planned out now. We have made a countdown chain, worked a "disney dollar" reward system into household chores and the kids work like crazy. I'll be honest: The kids are excited, but I can hardly stand waiting this long. I have never needed a vacation so badly. Every day a chain is taken off the countdown, I breathe a little easier knowing it's actually coming.

*Brian has been working HARD on our master bedroom. Won't be completed forever, but there are noticeable changes that have taken place. Plumbing is almost all in and there is even a door and stairs leading up to our little haven. Can't wait until it's finished.

That's that! :)


Marly said...

You'll have so much fun at Disney World! I loved it there. Ryan wants to go back. I told him our youngest is 5, we'll go back :)
We're going to Disneyland in May/June and I'm getting anxious to get everything all planned. There's not a whole lot more I can do, I just need to buy our tickets.

Lena said...

That's a great update! I want to hear what the teacher says in response.