Thursday, February 12, 2009

I hear voices early in the morning

I hear these voices clear as a bell. Especially around 5:45-6:00 AM.

This morning the voice sounded like Reagan.

*reagan*: "Mommy? Can you share?"
*me*: "Uhhh *groan, moan*... What? What do you need?"
*reagan*: "Mommy? Can you share?"
*me*: "Reagan, what do you need me to share?"
*reagan*: Mommy? Can you share your pillow?

We are trying HARD to get her to stay in her own bed. Since Brian is the one that puts her to bed at night and is the "enforcer", she waits until he leaves for work. Because really? How in the world am I going to say NO to the little darling that wants to "share" my pillow?

Reagan has been great at nap time recently. (Boy does this kid need a nap every day. I've never had a good napper so this whole thing is WEIRD.) Nigel (the cat) has been taking naps with her. Sometimes he's a great protector. He's not so nice when he wakes her up.

Reagan and Nigel in dreamland today after taking Madison to preschool. (So tired I couldn't get her coat off before she zonked out.)


Emily said...

I hear those same voices in the morning! Brynn loves our bed. I have a hard time resisting... mostly because I'm too tired to put her back to bed!

Aaron said...

I love your cat!

I hate cats....but I love yours. Can I keep him?