Sunday, May 18, 2008

Madison's Dance Performance

Madison has waited WEEKS to have her final dance performance. She asked daily how much longer she had to wait. Well, FINALLY, we had our dance revue on Friday May 16th. She was so excited ALL DAY LONG!!!

She had two dance numbers, plus the finale. I need to get photos of her in her other costume - I only have her in her "duck dance" one. (Which, by the way, Stacie made the duck costumes and won first place in the costume competition! Way to go Stacie!!!!)

Madison and her cousin, Lauryn:

(I had to put the videos in my smilebox account... for some reason, blogger wouldn't let me upload them... so there is a bit of a delay since you have to open them this way, but still worth it in my opinion... *winks*)

Dancing Duck:

Click to play Dancing Duck

The Circus is for me:

Click to play Circus Song


Lena said...

Too too cute!!

Gailey Family said...

So cute! If I dont ever have a girl one of my boys is going to end up in a dance class!

Heather said...

okay that was the sweetest thing we have seen in a long long time! Way to go Madison!!!!!