Friday, October 12, 2007

Just another day

Today it was a little cold out, but the kids wanted to play outside anyway. Reagan looked pretty darn cute with her "hood" on!

Jordan spent time riding his bike and has decided his frustrated that it doesn't have a kick stand. He asked if we could go to the store and BUY one. I told him that I was sorry, but I had no idea how to choose a kick stand for his kind of bike, that we should wait for Dad. His reply was: "Mom! I'm a genius! Let's just go to w-w-w dot kick stand dot com!" What a kid!

Taylor had piano lessons tonight and his teacher called to say that he's learning so quickly she gave him more stuff this week because he's just flying through stuff. He LOVES the piano. I'm so glad he does. I think it felt like more of a punishment for me when *I* was taking lessons.

Madison has a birthday party to attend tomorrow. It was fun shopping for a boy with her. She had an idea in mind... wanted to get him a truck.. but when she saw the barbie dolls, thought he'd like that instead. We settled for some safari animals. ;)

And finally, Brian had the fantastic idea to go feed the ducks our stale bread before dinner. (We were waiting for our scone dough to rise...) There were 3 ducks out on the pond we went to, and they wouldn't come over and eat. We had a good time as a family anyway. Here's the photo montage for anyone who wants to see. :)

Autumn Time
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QueenMeadow said...

I can't believe how grown up Reagan looks!

Kick stand dot com, hilarious!

Veritaserum said...

Jordan's pretty smart. ;-) Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

They are SOOOOOoooo adorable!! I have the BEST Nieces and Nephews EVER!!!!