Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We think that Taylor might have Celiac Disease. For all the terribly boring details, you can go HERE to find out more about it.

We put him on a gluten free diet on Saturday, and he's been doing FANTASTIC on it. (Honestly, I was hoping that it wouldn't make a bit of difference, but he's feeling so much better...)

We're doing an allergy test on Friday, and blood work in a few weeks. I'm going to say it's about 85% chance he has it. The other 15% chance is just his mom not WANTING him to have it. ;)

Lots of changes going on - You can't believe the labels you have to read to make sure nothing contains gluten!!!

Updates later!


QueenMeadow said...

We went gluten free for three months, three very long and hard months. But actually, it got easier, it really did.

You can do it! Check out Bette Hagman's gluten free baker books from the library, they were a lifesaver!!

frugalmom said...

Wow, what a challenge! It's amazing how many things have gluten.

Lena said...

Oh my! That is a challenge! I'll be crossing my fingers for the 154% chance with you.

Brandi said...

Celiac is a challenge, and I've been surprised at how many people have it. I'm glad you've been able to sort-of pinpoint down the problem your son's having though. (((((()))))) I don't know if you go to Kitchen Kneads on Redwood or not, but it's a great place to find other things that are gluten free, and usually for less than grocery stores.

frugalmom said...

Found a blog that might help you some...