Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pics!

The blog entry for today should have been pictures of our FANTASTIC Egg Hunt we had at our place (well, actually the neighbors place as they have the BEST EVER yard for an egg hunt...), but unfortunately, Brian took a bunch of photos WITHOUT the memory card in the camera. (I could just CRY!)

So what we DO have are photos of Easter Sunday, the kids dressed up in their new Easter best!

All the kids, Reagan extra "Cheesy"

Taylor, Jordan, Madison and Reagan

Taylor, 10 next Sunday!!!

Jordan, the subject of the entry before this one, age 7

Madison, age 5...

...going on 16

Reagan, 2.5, who was actually smiling for the camera, but pulling faces in more photos than any of her siblings.


Emily said...

Very cute pictures of very cute kids!

Aaron said...

We took some...I think Catey and I survived taking pics without killing anyone.